And then he said this:

But at least you’re doing it.
Once you’re doing it, you have a chance to do it better.
Waiting for perfect means not starting.


Yup he said it…lol  and you should check out the rest of his site  too!

This totally encouraged me today and I just had to share. Thanks Seth! And it reminded me of a few Bible verses!!

Ecclesiastes 11:4,6 Whoever keeps watching the wind will not sow and whoever gazes at the clouds will not reap. In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening do not let your hand be idle, for you do not know if this or that will succeed, or if both will prosper together.

I come up with ideas pretty easily at times but then my “need to know every detail from beginning to end” trait starts to slow me down.  I don’t start on things quickly enough because I overthink and second guess.  

But I’ve learned, scratch that. Let’s be truthful— I’m learning that if I don’t just start somethings I’ll never do anything!  I’ll keep watching the wind saying no tomorrow would be better- and then I miss the whole season.  That even happened with this blog today.  It’s not perfect. It doesn’t have 3 solid points. And I didn’t follow my usual formula but I still posted it.  Why? Because, if today’s imperfection helps one person START something I’m ok with that.  And besides that, I’ll always have a chance to do it better, all because I decided to start today.

What do you need to decide to start? Can I help you? Contact me and lets chat!