A few weeks ago I posted a long list of my favorite podcasts in a Leadership Forum I’m a part of.  It was in response to a question a young leader asked and I realized, people don’t really know all the amazing leaders out there posting free leadership content for the masses!! So I wanted to give you guys some of my favorite leadership podcasts and, be a little selfish and find out from you some of your favs!

Here are my TOP 5 favorite leadership podcasts:

1. Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast
This podcast discusses practical topics in leadership every month from the world known speaker, author, and Senior Pastor of Life.Church, Craig Groeschel.  He leads a church with over 20 campuses across 8 states and has written several books on leadership and other topics.  He gives practical advice on how to help us make the most of our potential as we become the leaders God created us to be!

Top Fav Podcasts:
Creating an Empowering Culture Parts 1 & 2
5 Secrets of Superior Decision Makers

2. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
Andy Stanley is another world renown leader and pastor.  You may know him from the Catalyst Leader organization, an organization conceived by him and several other major leaders such as John Maxwell.  His tag line is that this podcast is a conversation designed to help leaders go further, faster and it definitely does that!

Top Fav Podcasts:
How to lead when you’re not in charge, parts 1 &2
Doing what only you can do, parts 1&2

3. How I Built This
It has been said that we can learn best by those who went before us and this podcast is all about that!  Every podcast is a simple interview of entrepreneurs and how theystarted their business.  Some people interviewed included LA Reid, Spanx founder Sara Blakely, Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price and Compaq Computers’ Rod Canion! For all my entrepreneur, if you want some encouragement and awesome insight on starting something from nothing go and subscribe immediately and listen to every single one! Haha!

Top Fav Podcasts:
Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade (might be because I love Kate Spade lol! No actually they have a really cool story)
Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard

4. The Entreleadership Podcast
This podcast is an awesome place to learn from leaders all over the entrepreneur and business space.  They also give some awesome resources to business leaders!

Top Fav Podcasts:
#202: EntreLeaderdship Summit Day 2- Coach Lou Holtz
#210: Seth Godin- Change your mind, change your life

5. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
Unfortunately Michael Hyatt isn’t making any new content on this podcast but I still love it! He gave awesome advice on moving your business further and learning how to focus and organize to increase you work ability and business goals!  I know we aren’t talking about blogs but I cannot talk about Michael Hyatt and not talk about his blog!  If you are fanatical about productivity and building your platform then he is your guy! He has awesome content every day.  You can find it at www.michaelhyatt.com

Top Fav Podcasts:
What if the barriers were only in your head?
Do you really want work-life balance?


Business Life and Coffee for Busy Professionals
This podcast is led by Joey Price, an awesome leader in the Human Resources world.  If you want to hear from business leaders discussing topics that impact our businesses and life this is the podcast to check out. 

Planet Money
I just started listening to this podcast and I immediately fell in love! I love helping people get out of debt but must profess I don’t like listening and learning too much on the economy or finance (I’m getting better about that lol)! I’m a social scientist not an economist! haha! But this podcast gives you a fun, quick snippet about interesting topics in economy.  On their ITunes podcast page they say ‘Imagine you could call up a friend and say, “Meet me at the bar and tell me what’s going on with the economy.’ Now imagine that’s actually a fun evening. That’s what we’re going for at Planet Money. People seem to like it.”.  I think they’ve nailed it!

What’s your favorite podcast? Leadership or otherwise! Let’s talk about it!