With August almost behind us and September running on our heels just wanted to take a moment to breathe.

Yes, Breathe.  Breathe and reset before the school year starts; before that new financial season begins; before the next hectic work week starts up.

It’s so important to rest.  Get away do something different to get your mind back in order. So important to process and make a principle of it.  I forget how important it is!  Such clarity and renewal comes when we get away.  I forget how important rest and renewal is all the time!  Such clarity comes when we get away or steal a few moments to reset.  I got a chance to do it after a work trip in July and it was everything I needed! Even, Jesus made it a regular part of His life here on earth. Whenever He did a huge miracle would go some place alone and pray.  I believe that was His way of resetting. And if this guy who did so much in the world had to do that I think we probably should do the same!  Here’s some practical ways you can start:

  • Schedule time daily to recalibrate.  Doesn’t have to be a lot of time at all.  Maybe, 15 minutes at the end of the work day just to see what you’ve accomplished and plan for the next day. And how about another 15 right before going to sleep? I promise it would transform your life!
  • Weekly, spend time processing the week that passed and looking forward to the week ahead. Schedule this time or it won’t happen!
  • Schedule some time monthly and quarterly to review your goals, what you’ve accomplished towards, and plan for the next month or quarter
  • Make it part of your schedule to have fun, sleep!!, read a book, do something or eat something new

And when (notice I send “when”) you take that time:

  • Unplug everything!  Don’t look at social media, email,  etc.
  • Establish a distraction-free zone
  • Think about what you can be thankful for; think about your accomplishments, failures, and goals you want to make happen
  • Relax- take the time to just be, do something you enjoy,
  • Enjoy the moment, and
  • Plan AND schedule the next one!

Try some of this and I promise you life will be better!!

CHALLENGE: Take 15!  This week just spend 15 minutes at the end of each work day.  Evaluate your accomplishments for the day and plan what you want to accomplish for the next.  And tell me at the end of the week how’d it go! Let’s talk about it!