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Sonja Williams – My Story

My journey started over 10 years ago when I found myself 27K in debt and over 60 pounds overweight.  I had always been a little chubby and I grew up in a household where, although debt was an enemy we didn’t really talk about how to avoid him.

The two things I knew were: I don’t like being in debt and I was tired of hating my body. Now, I’d like to say I snapped my fingers and all changed overnight but that would be a bold-faced lie! But I did begin to read what the Bible says about finances and honoring our bodies. Through my reading His Word, I learned that His principles would allow me to steward my time, my money, and my life well!

First, I tackled debt! I started with gaining understanding about God’s way with finances (it took me awhile to get to the weight problem – haha!). My journey led me to Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, a plan I followed to become totally debt-free. With intentionality, I’ve remained debt-free for the last 10 years! Over the course of the last six years, I’ve been able to help hundreds of people on their journey to debt freedom through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and personal coaching.

Now let’s talk about that weight! My weight loss journey took a little more time and effort. More recently, I’ve used that discipline and self-control to lose 60 pounds and am constantly contemplating ways to build a better, more efficient and productive life. My heart is for stewarding people and teaching them how to steward their own lives better. I’ve learned once we become good stewards of the life we’ve been given, we’ll begin to build room and time into our lives to make our long-forgotten dreams a reality! God has given us all 24 hours in each day and He’s given us all dreams to execute. My desire is to help build the capacity to execute dreams through stewarding life well. Join me on this journey of stewarding our lives well!

How the TripleP Framework transformed my life!

As I worked through losing weight and getting out of debt, I began to see patterns in my success. In comes the TripleP Framework! I realized I first had to figure out what was important to me and understand the why behind this fight to become debt free and get healthy. This is the first "P": Live by Principle!

Once I built principles to live by, I had to get specific and create goals that would give me a step-by-step plan to be successful. This is the second "P": Execute by Process. The process I designed was a sure-fire goal setting system that helped me focus on killing each debt and shedding every pound one by one.

And finally, the third "P": Win by Practice!  It was not enough to have a principle to live by and a goal to focus on. Building practices that allowed me to make hitting goals part of everyday life made it so much easier to see success. Winning by practice means putting routines in place that make hitting goals almost as easy as breathing!


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