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I help align lives with what matters most

Sonja Williams – My Story

Ya’ll, I was giving so much of myself to organize and build everything except my own life! I would set goals and never see them completed. I was trying to lose the same 40 lbs for several years, and get out of debt while doing all the things at work and with my church. It was a weird place to be because I truly was full of joy but also stressed and not fully satisfied. This place of “happy” where I am but feeling there was more and I just couldnt figure out how to get to where the more” was! It made me sit back and analyze what was wrong. I realized I wasnt acknowledging my dreams and therefore couldnt do the work to execute the true desires of my heart and having the winning life I knew could be mine!

So I began the journey of losing over 40 pounds and getting rid of almost 30k in debt. That journey allowed me to see more of what my dreams and desires were and enabled me to see that the desires of my heart are ok to focus on. It was through that journey of self-discovery that I realized that the same systems I used to finish projects at work and also change my life could be used to help others to live intentionally and connect their dreams to reality. This journey showed me that to see my own dreams become reality I had to live by principle, execute by process, and win by practice. These are the basics of life that we all need to have and I use those three things to help all of my clients live intentionally and make their dreams meet reality.

How the Intentional Living Stairwell transformed my life!


As I worked through losing weight and getting out of debt, I began to see patterns in my success. In comes the Stairwell to Intentional Living! I realized I first had to acknowledge that I had desires worth pursuing. My dreams were worth working for. This is the first stair in this Intentional Living Stairwell -- Acknowledge (Your Dreams)!

Next, I had to figure out the values associated with those dreams and understand the why behind this fight to become debt free and get healthy. This is the second stair : Live by Principle!

Once I built principles (my values) to live by, I had to get specific and create goals that would give me a step-by-step plan to be successful. This is the third stair : Execute by Process. The process I designed was a sure-fire goal setting system that helped me focus on killing each debt and shedding every pound one by one.

The final third stair is Win by Practice!  It was not enough to have a principle to live by and a goal to focus on. Building practices that allowed me to make hitting goals part of everyday life made it so much easier to see success. Winning by practice means putting routines in place that make hitting goals almost as easy as breathing!