Ya’ll!! I’m back!! LOL!

Ok ok I know it’s been a minute but if you didn’t know it I’ve been having fun over there on the YouTubes.

But I kind of missed writing and wanted to hop back in there and try my hand again. I super excited too, because I’ll be just putting more of my unfiltered quick thoughts here. They may not be fully developed, they may be like two sentences long, and they probably won’t always make full sense, ok? So show me grace from now LOL

Anyway to start us off I wanted to do a little “allow me to reintroduce myself” type of thing to piggy back off my latest video on YouTube. I broke down the 4 things that I’ll be focusing on YouTube and also this blog so let’s break it down.

Here are the four things we doing over here in the Dream Meet Reality/SonjaWCoaching Streets:

  • Acknowledging dreams: I realize that to make all of our dreams meet reality its going to take all the encouragement and tools we need to pull those dreams out! This blog will be a place to encourage and build us up as well as giving us practical tools to move dreams to reality.
    • I realize that to make all of our dream meet reality it is going to take all the encouragement and tools we can muster! So i’m dedicated to pumping you up to get those dreams!
    • Whenever you see a video with the word Acknowlemdge on the cover know you’re going to end up listening to that something that is going to push you to the next step or give you a little tool to build your dream
    • We’ll talk about life planning, We’ll see what God says about your dreams and how you can make them happen
  • Living by Principle: When we’re living by principle we’re living by our values! And those values are what feed intentional living. They are the guardrails that help us truly live out life the way we desire and I’ll talk about those values and break down the six key relationships that all of us need!
    • Whenever you see videos with Principle on the cover know that we’re gonna be talking about living by your values, we’re going to be delving into those 6 key relationships – God, health, mind, fam friends and finances and I may be throwing in some vlog type stuff too!! We’ll see! Lol
  • Executing by process: This is where the rubber hits the road. There is a process by which we can execute our intentional life and that is by goal setting, and building the life that will move us towards our dreams! We’ll be talking about what it means to execute the process to intentional living and making those dreams meet reality. And finally,
  • Win by practice: Its the daily practice that causes us to win! We’ll be chatting about the power of routine in the intnetional living journey.

So, join me on this journey as we discover that APPP to the Stairwell to living intentionally (STIL)! 

Now if you want to watch instead of read go ahead and watch Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself on SonjaWCoaching!