So in last week’s Youtube video I broke down why I’m anti- soft life and I wanted to give you a little run down of why here too:

  1. You were called to do great things and you can’t do great things if you decide you want no responsibilities
  2. Great things come with work. Even though God told the Israelites their promised land was theirs they still had to fight to possess it. Any great thing you do will require your work
  3. Work (the right kind of work) will fulfill you. You were hardwired to do something and when you find what that is the soft-life as its defined won’t feel worth it to you

Now what are you to do now that you ain’t for the soft life either?

Start with knowing your WHY!

Take a moment to really discover your “WHY”. Why do you tick? Why do you do what you do? What do you value? There are valuable questions to ask yourself! And when you take the time to answer those questions- truthfully. You will begin that intentional living journey and live the fulfilled dream filled life you always desired. Now next week I’ll break down the four things you will need to implement to set up and execute that intentional living life. I’m actually going to be breaking them all the way down in this month’s videos so subscribe to my YouTube channel now so you don’t miss a thing!