I was thinking about this lately and I wonder how many of us have big dreams that we’ve been avoiding because we’re comfortable. We’re comfortable in our current lifestyle so much so that we don’t work at making that dream meet reality.

Comfortability is the enemy of reaching vision and sometimes you got to push past that comfortability to see something big happen in your life. For me it’s continually pushing in this business even though I don’t need this business to do well. I’m doing well without it ya’ll, but I know that the work that I do will help so many others get to the inheritance God has for them! So, y’all if you’re struggling with pushing forward or you’re just so comfortable with just how your life is going, I CHALLENGE you to think about what you are leaving on the table. Think about who you are stopping from reaching their full potential because you are stunting the dreams you have because of your comfortability.


Don’t let comfortability stop you from chasing down every dream and desire that you have in your heart to make happen!