So you’ve written your goals down right and you’ve established your why! What’s next? How can you fully guarantee that you are going to get this goal done? Goals have to be incorporated into your everyday life. Here’s a few things I do to help me keep working at my goals, all in a cute acronym (haha!):


The first “R” of this acronym is all about reviewing! We should be reviewing our goals daily, weekly, and quarterly. For me I actually have my google home tell me my goals every morning! Daily review can also just be reading them. A weekly review is a little bit more in-depth. Its good to spend some time deciding what the next week is going to look like with a plan of progressing forward with your goal. And then quarterly we’re going into a deep dive and making decisions about keeping the goal or getting rid of it.

By the way, you need to schedule these review times. What gets scheduled gets done. 


Next we have the activate that goal! Activating your goal entails developing triggers and other routines that help you remember to do the action of the goal. Develop habits that make the accomplishment of your goal a part of your life. You want to pray more? Creating a morning routine that includes dedicated time to prayer. Want to make exercise a part of your life? Put your clothes out the night before and build workout time in your morning.  


Next, come up with a real good reward for accomplishing the goal!  Think of something that you would love to do but wouldn’t just do on your own.  Set it up as a reward for your hard work and keep that reward somewhere where you remember the goodness that is coming at the accomplishment of your goal!

Examine and set next steps

Finally, take some time TODAY and come up with the next step for your goals. What’s the next easiest thing you can do to move your goal forward? This is really the first step to making sure these goals get done. Figuring out those next steps and making them happen.

So are we going to be the RARE breed that actually gets goals done?