Hey Dream, Meet Reality!

The blog where we learn how to connect our dreams to our reality

I help overwhelmed multi-passionate women align their lives with their values so that they can live with intentionality and execute their dreams.    ~ SonjaW


Your small daily actions will turn into the big wins you are looking for…

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Are you too comfortable?

I was thinking about this lately and I wonder how many of us have big dreams that we've been avoiding because we're comfortable. We’re comfortable in our current lifestyle so much so that we don’t...

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Your Dream Is For Someone Else

I’m believing that this is the year you’re going to step into your inheritance. You are going to step into the thing God called you to do

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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Ya'll!! I'm back!! LOL! Ok ok I know it's been a minute but if you didn't know it I've been having fun over there on the YouTubes. But I kind of missed writing and wanted to hop back in there and...

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Simple Obedience…

So, this weekend I got baptized and I'm a leader in my church -- that's awkward (LOL!).  This past weekend was my church’s freedom weekend. We dedicate a weekend at the end of every group semester...

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So I Overslept

So I overslept. LOL! Yes me. The routine, steward life well guru overslept this weekend.

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Just Try The Thing!

You know why I started my Youtube channel? It was simple. I had the random idea to make a video…

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Who is SonjaW?

I’m Sonja your Life Alignment Coach! I’m all about living a life that acknowledges, lives, executes and wins dreams. I truly believe each one of us has big dreams within us that we allow to take the back burner because life is just too much! I want to help you build the plans, goals, and routines that will make room for you to make those dreams reality! Let me tell you a little more...