This months’ blog is a little different! I felt like creating a video about this topic because I wanted you guys to hear and see my passion in this one. This month I want us to not grow weary. The work you’re doing is worth it to create the life you want to live. It’s so worth it and let me tell you I keep telling myself that every time things seem to not go the way I want. But let me tell you more in this video!

So in the video I gave you three things to do to help you when things get rough! When you may be tempted to give up lean on these things to get back in there:

  1. Friends: Get you a group of friends that push you forward when the going gets tough because the “going” will get tough. The Bible says trial WILL come so we all need to be ready for it coming.
  2. Counsel: The Word says that there is safety in a multitude of counsel so it’s important to have people who are ahead of you to help you keep moving forward. I have coaches in my finances, for work, and for my life in general and I’m still looking for more! It’s so key to have people around you that can give wise counsel when you don’t know where to turn next!
  3. Get serious about life: Yes! Get serious about your life and see where you can steward better. Sometimes weariness comes just because you don’t have good systems in place to deal with everyday life. Goals, routines, and ultimately a life plan all help in making that happen. And that’s where I come in- haha! If this is where you find the trouble I got you! Just check out my work with me page on the site!

Alright guys! So you ready? You ready to continue doing the work? I hope so! Take those three things and run!