Reading the chapter on “Exploring Possibility Thinking” in How Successful People Think I came across this quote that I’ve found to be true in the little bit of life I’ve already experienced and something I’m still not all the way good at doing well! And that’s dreaming bigger. I’m a real logical person so dreaming fantastically is not something I do often because as soon as I think of something outlandish my logical brain starts thinking about all the logistics and the possibilities of that thing happening. Usually I get totally discouraged by the impossibilities or overwhelmed by the possibilities (either way I’m messed up haha!) and just stop. Has that been your struggle? Or is it just me!?

Well this quote had me rethinking how I went about the “impossible” in my mind and also took me down a road of reflection. Let me give you this quote!

Make your plans as fantastic as you like, because twenty-five years from now, they will seem mediocre. Make your plans ten times as great as you first planned, and twenty-five years from now you will wonder why you did not make them fifty times as great.” If you push yourself to dream more expansively, to imagine your organization one size bigger, to make your goals at least a step beyond what makes you comfortable, you will be forced to grow. And it will set you up to believe in greater possibilities.

~ Henry Curtis

This quote had me thinking! So many times in my life I’ve dreamed up things and they ended up being bigger than I could have imagined. Dreams of leading a national survey- I’m now leading a team of people who lead several. Dreams of being debt free- now debt free and leading many others to know that same freedom. Dreams of helping a few people with their goal setting- now a whole business dedicated to helping people line up their dreams with their reality! But these are only the success stories. There are many other dreams that are still in the works and I dare say probably too small! Here are three reason why:

One: Haven’t allowed myself the time to dream

For those things that I listed above I actually took time to reflect, dream and think through next steps for the little dream. Sometimes we don’t take time to just sit, reflect and dream- let our minds run wild with possibilities. What’s something you can’t seem to bring into fruition? Did you take some dedicated time and dream about it? No, not strategize (at least not yet) but dream and write down every crazy possibility that could happen? Do that today!

Two: Didn’t think one size bigger

I also think too small! I think of one small group of people learning the principles of debt freedom when the possibilities really could be hundreds over many years. Take whatever you thought of while working through the first reason and take it one step further. The future is always grander than we can think right now.

Three: Make goals one step out of your comfort zone

Now this one, this one is hard for me! I live in my comfort zone. I love peace. I love not rocking boats. I love my normal. Haha! But that’s not going to make the impossibility a possibility. Get your goals written down and then press the envelope a little further. You want to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks? Maybe say 10 pounds in 8 weeks instead. Or, you want to read 6 books in 1 year maybe up it to 12- one per month. Push yourself out of your comfort zone just a little every opportunity you have and see what dreams will become bigger than you could ever imagine!

So who’s with me? Who’s going to dream one size bigger this week? I know I am!