For the past month and some change I’ve been reading an amazing book! John Maxwell’s 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth has been so life changing for me! It’s also been fun trying out and even refining some things I’m already doing!

The Law of Environment stood out to me because it backed up so much of what made my weight loss journey successful! Here’s a quote from that chapter:

“Change your environment and yourself- growth will be faster and more successful”

These two things were the two main things that set my journey in forward motion! Now I’m still on this journey and I probably need to make a few more adjustments (sigh those Seite chips are the devil- they are so good! LOL) but changing my environment and my attitude made this thing happen! On changing environment, I realized to eat well I need to have the good things in my house and get rid of anything that would hinder me. And then that attitude! I had to change my mindset- “I wasn’t losing weight because I was ugly or fat. I needed to lose weight because I love how God made me and I want to honor this temple He chose to put me in.” This change in environment and mind totally catapulted me to losing 60 pounds and I believe are the two main things we have to change when trying to grow!

Two quick things to implement:

Clear your environment

When you clear your environment it gives you room to breathe! I’ve read that clutter can increase anxiety and make it hard to focus. What areas in your environment do you need to clear out? Do you have too many books? Papers? Random items you know you don’t use? Take a moment to clear it all out!

Clear your mind

You ever throw a rock into a calm body of water? What happened? There was a ripple that spread out from the place where the rock landed and dissipated as it moved further away from the epicenter of the disturbance, right? Well, the creator of the productivity system Get Things Done talks about this concept of “mind like water” where your mind is just like that body of calm still water- only reacting to stimulus. This is something that will help you transform your mind’s environment! Check out my last blog where I talk about how to do the Clear Mind Process.

Let me know if try out these two techniques!