People lose their way when they lose their why.

Gail Hyatt

In goal setting, really in all parts of your life, it’s so important to define your “why.” I love Proverbs 29:18 where it says “Where there is no vision, the people get out of control…” Think about it. Have you ever just not cared– like you get to a point where it doesn’t matter what happens? You’ve been working out for months and can’t seem to notice a change? Discouragement sets in. What did you do? You stop working out and you eat a whole dozen donuts right? Haha! Or, you study so hard for a test to only fail and you seem to do it again and again. What if I told you that discouragement, that lack of care — that was really lack of vision. A lack of your why!

Hitting your goals is going to get hard. You’re going to get injured. The idea may not work how you think it will. And in those moments it’s going to be your “why” that sustains you. Your why will: drive you, focus you and steady you. It will be the one thing that will keep you moving forward when it seems like nothing is working out in your favor. So take some time after you write your goal down right and think of at least 3 reasons why you need to accomplish this goal.

My 3 why’s for my weight loss goal:

  • I want to overcome issue of self-control
  • I want to treat my body like the temple God says it is
  • And I want to look good in a bodycon dress (don’t judge me! LOL)

So what’s going to be your “why”?