Ya’ll I was going to put this in a DreamBoost email but I just kept writing and it turned into a whole blog! But I think it’s something we all need. I want to get y’all excited about your dreams and desires but first I want you to be living a life that can make that happen. I believe there are just three things you need to live a life well stewarded.

Live by Principle

Live a life focused in the direction you want to go. Take a moment and think about your “why”. I truly believe that each one of us have been put on this earth to do something amazing but we let life distract us. We allow ourselves to lose focus and kill desires before they even had a chance to make it. When you build principles around the major areas of life (God, Health, Intellect, Family, Friends, Finance) you will begin to see major shifts in how life looks. Your focus will be clearer!

Execute by Process

Everything in life has a process and it’s better that we dictate it right? I believe that the process in which we actually see the things we dream about come to pass, is good goal setting. Writing goals that are a specific measurable time-bound and realistic for our lives is when we see the progress we desire. It helps us move our current reality to our desired future– the one laid out when you created your life principles (You did that right?).

Win by Practice

One thing I always heard all of my music teachers say when growing up is to see a win you must practice like the performance. You want to play that complicated piece you must practice! Well, guys the same happens with life. You want to win, you must have practices– routines– that set you up to win. Those goals you wrote down work better when you have a routine to plug action into!

When I learned those three things I began to see so much success it was crazy! These are the 3 simple (notice I didn’t say easy) things that I implement daily and y’all. This is it. I challenge you today. Think about your life, all of it. Are you moving in a direction you want to go in? 

If not, try out building your life principles, setting good goals and creating routines that work! 

PS, If you’re serious about it I have a few resources for ya! Check out my resources page and let’s get this thing started.