You know why I started my Youtube channel? It was simple. I had the random idea to make a video about not growing weary and this website said it was too big to post. I wasn’t going to give up though because I really wanted you all to get it and the first thing I thought of was YOUTUBE!!! I was like ok what do I have to help make this happen and it was an easy solution. And what’s even funnier is that I already set up my page to be professional enough for people to join it! Months ago I got rid of my 10 year old band videos and put my brand on my page just on a whim with absolutely no thoughts to creating video content for SonjaW. But here I am and I’m loving it! I’m probably going to keep doing this for a while lol!

Now I’m bringing this up for a reason ya’ll! Looking at what I’ve done in these few weeks I realized a couple of things:

  1. Just try the thing
  2. Be Prepared

Let’s talk about it a little bit

Just try the thing!

I literally just had the idea and tried it. And found out that I really like doing it LOL! Sometimes the best journeys start with a just try it moment. I could have said oh thats a good idea but I need a really good camera, and I have to have one of those channel trailers I see people do. I could have come up with all the excuses not to do it. Now there is something to planning and organizing your next steps in something BUT sometimes we allow our need for perfection to stop us in doing.

So I encourage you to just try it. If you get a random idea in your head for your business or to help with your work just try it and see what happens. Now of course make sure it’s not illegal but once you’ve figured that part out see what happens. Make sure to try it and then analyze the result. See if it actually works and takes you closer to making your dreams meet reality. 

Be prepared

Now of course you can’t prepare for everything but living your life in such a way that keeps you prepared is essential! With the start of my YouTube channel I was able to convert it quickly because I thought about it ahead of time. I have systems in my life that help me think ahead without even really making extra effort. I had another random idea months prior to clean up my YouTube channel, I wrote the idea down, and then I scheduled a time to do it. This is part of executing by process, the second part of the TripleP Framework. Part of my daily routines include braindumps! And this is where the YouTube clean up comes into play. It was a random idea that I wrote down and then executed on. Building routines that help you always be prepared truly helps great ideas flow. Braindumps do two things for you: clears your mind and makes room for you to dream. My (almost lol) daily braindumps allow me to be prepared for the future that I had no idea was coming! It set my page up for success and then also gave me brain space to think about creating random videos! LOL!

So friends! Try the thing and then be prepared through executing by process!