We are in the last quarter of 2023! Can you believe it? I feel like September came and went in a day! I was so excited to start this new quarter that I even forgot to ensure I had an email scheduled to drop on Monday as usual– Intentional living isn’t perfection, ok! 

But I believe it was exactly what it should have been because I venture to believe that even in my mishaps God has a specific word for each one of you in this week’s Dreamboost. And that word is KEEP GOING!


Yes, keep going forward in what you’ve been called to do in this season. These past few weeks I’ve been walking through the four step process in living an intentional life and tomorrow I’m going to culminate it with the last step- Win by practice. I believe that’s the ultimate key to truly living intentionally and making your dreams meet reality. When you practice the hardwon habits of living by your values, creating goals and executing them, and building life routines that push you closer to your values that is where you win!

So keep going friend. The hard work you have been doing will pay off. The small daily actions that you employed will come together. THe promises of working out, praying, saving money you’ve made to yourself will reap the harvest of health, greater relationship with God, greater finances just KEEP GOING! 


Your small daily actions will turn into the big wins you are looking for! I’ll break it down in detail in the video linked below but here are 3 things to do to help you keep moving forward:

  • Incorporate it in your daily movements: Find small things that you can incorporate in your daily movements to make your goals easier to accomplish. THere is no need to build a whole new routine! What’s your current morning routine? Can you add a small action to pull you closer to your goal? Do that!
  • Put it in your calendar: If it’s something that you really want to see happen put it in your calendar. I joke all the time that if it isn’t in the calendar it does not exist. If its important to you
  • Trigger it: Tie something to the habit that will make you remember to do it. Perhaps set an alarm or put your shoes right at the door to remind you to run