This devotional gave me a better vision for how my life should be structured and lived out. I need to be still to hear from God, trust God’s promises, seek him for direction, and live my life intentionally as if I’m training for the most important race of my life (which I am!).

Ariel Williams

Why Planted?

Overwhelmed? Feel like you’re scattered in all directions? Maybe it’s time to get planted! This thirty-day devotional journey walks through three key aspects of living a life planted in God and how through being planted you flourish! When planted in His Presence, His Promise and His Purpose we begin to live life full of the peace we all desire and still flourish because it’s not about doing more but understanding it’s in Him we accomplish our desires.

This thirty-day devotional is broken up into ten-day journeys into each of those three aspects and shows us how to cultivate God’s presence in our lives, depend on and learn His Word, and discover the way we fulfill the good purpose God made each of us to do.


Definitely a reminder that God has promised and all I need to do is remember He never leaves a thing He said will happen void.

Monica Britton

I have been more intentional and consistent about spending time every morning in His Word and digesting it to break down what it is God is saying to me. I have also taken the time to slow down. I think I have been on such a “go go go” mindset, that this section helped me to really steady myself, slow down, and be still so that I can truly listen & obey God.

Gisela Green

Who is Sonjaw?

When I first started this journey of stewarding life well I didn’t know where to start! There is so much to consider! Where do I begin? What goals should I create? Why do I constantly start and stop? With all these questions I came up with a Framework that helped me solidify the key things to focus on in stewarding life well! It’s the TripleP Framework: Live by Principle, Execute by Process, and Win by Practice! Let me tell you a little bit more about myself..