“If you don’t take a realistic look at your dream—and what it will take to accomplish it—you will never achieve it. Realistic thinking helps to pave the way for bringing any dream to fruition.”

~ John C. Maxwell

Realistic thinking brings the dream to fruition! For years I had this idea of DreamMeetReality on my mind, obsessing over it, writing about it in journals, telling friends, even paying for consultations and I never did it! I never decided to sit down and create it. And a big reason for that is that I did not sit down and actually think it out — I did not employ realistic thinking. To be honest I still struggle with this idea of employing realistic thinking in different areas of my life- no one’s perfect right? But, realistic thinking gives perspective! This is one of the main things I walk through in a life planning session and I think is a major part of making dreams reality. 

In life planning sessions we discuss creating life principles for every major area of life and then walk through what you desire this area to look like; what it looks like right now; and then what can we do today, this month, this year to make the current reality look like the future reality we desire.

 So let’s do that today for that big dream of yours! Here are four quick steps to do today: 

  1.  Write down the dream.

Write down what you desire to do. Don’t worry about grammar or if it’s perfectly organized. You’ll get there! I just want you to get the ball rolling.

  1. Dream and write down the future reality.

Figure out what successfully doing number one would look like and write it down. How would you feel? Who would be impacted? Will it make you money? How much? Really take a moment and imagine that future.

  1. Write down your current reality.

Now this one may hurt a little but it has to be done! Write down where you are right now. Have you started anything? Was your dream related to losing weight? How much do you weigh right now?

  1. Figure out the next step.

All right, now that we’ve written down the dream, the future reality, and the current reality we must think of the next best thing you can do to close the gap between the future and current reality.

See simple!

Now in a life planning session this is where we’d begin building some clear goals and set up a plan for your regular review of the life plan. You can do a little bit of this on your own but, of course, if you want help you can definitely contact me!

Realistic thinking is so major in building the life you dream of! Take some time today, write down those dreams, figure out what the future would look like with a successful dream, and assess your current reality. This my friends, is the first major step in making your dreams a reality!

Who’s gonna do it?? I dare you!