So I overslept. LOL! Yes me. The routine, steward life well guru overslept this weekend. I was going to talk about something else this week but I just had to share my boo boo this weekend lol!

I also talk about having a great routine right? Making sure you wake up on purpose and have a plan. Well yesterday I overslept for several reasons but the main one being- I tried to play around with my morning routine and failed LOL. Let me tell you the story.

It started with Thursday night. I had the bright idea to change my usual biweekly hair routine and detangle and wash my hair Thursday night instead of detangling Thursday and washing Friday morning. This was the first mistake and I realized that at 10:30pm when I finally got out of the shower with my wet hair that still needed to be styled in some way. “Ok cool, I can adjust” is what i said to myself. I’ll turn off my first two alarms and just do the essentials of my morning routine– devotional, stretch pray (if you’ve followed me for a while you know I have several alarms for each step of my routine). No big deal . So, Friday morning, I woke up, stretched, prayed and went on about my day. It was a fabulous Friday by the way. Well, guess who forgot to turn those alarms back on for Sunday? Yep That’s what I did. I forgot my alarms and woke up at the time I should have been doing my make up for church. Sunday morning was an interesting one but we made it!! Haha!!

Now the lesson I learned here was two fold:

  1. Rash decisions don’t usually end well lol
  2. Routines are key to making your morning. 

If I hadn’t switched up my plan on the fly late Thursday night and took just a few more moments to analyze what it would affect I would not have been late in waking up Sunday. Sometimes we make rash decisions on our own just to feel better in the moment forgetting that that moment is connected to the rest of our lives. Now my little switch up only costed me make-up time on a Sunday but what if my quick decision totally changed the trajectory of my life? Split decisions in life can sometimes have long lasting effects on where we are headed so its soo important to not leave life to a feeling or random thought. That’s why it’s so important to live on purpose, and with a desire in mind! When we live on purpose with our ultimate desires (life principles) in mind our decisions are aligned with that purpose and it’s harder to push ourselves off track.

The second thing I learned helps to facilitate the decisions that keep me on track with my goals and desires. Routines! When you take the time to think about how you start your morning or start your work day it helps you stay focused on those desires and actually make progress in life! I learned that if I switch something up, it’s better to not do it on a whim but actually think and decide how this will affect my life. My routines were put in place because I thought the things I plugged in there, and the times I set were important to accomplishing the bigger picture. I shouldn’t casually switch it up just because of a feeling.

Now hear me! I’m not saying routines aren’t flexible. I do it all the time– switch up my Dream Week or my morning routine or other routines to suit what life looks like in the moment. BUT these switch ups are done with a little more thought than “I don’t want to wash my hair friday; let me do it all tonight even though it’s already 9pm” LOL! 

All in all I got to church relatively on time and I’ve learned my lesson LOL!