Intentional living is about intentionally building a life that makes your dreams meet reality! And with individuals truly living their dreams and walking in intentionality we’ll see greater productivity in our businesses. Investing in our team members ultimately is investing in our businesses.


SonjaW helps businesses, organizations, corporations learn how to infuse intentionality in every aspect of life and business. Let’s work together to curate a workshop that will transform your organization!

Be Rare

The rarest of things are the most special and sometimes to succeed we must be RARE. This talk breaks down the four steps of building a RARE life. A RARE life must be Reviewed, Activated, Rewarded and Evaluated. And with a RARE life we can increase the productivity of our lives and businesses.


When life becomes overwhelming and you feel like you’re floating through the mayhem it’s time to get planted. Let’s talk about the three aspects of God we must be planted in, to tear down overwhelm and truly live the intentional life we intend to live.

The 6 Key Relationships

Relationships are key to an intentional life and there are six personal relationships that we must all cultivate if we’re serious about making those dreams meet reality! The six key relationships are your relationship with God, Health, Mind, Family, Friends, and Finances. In this chat I discuss the importance of cultivating those six relationships, how to establish them, and how to make those relationships thrive!

Other Topics

SonjaW has curated topics to inspire and align each of us with our God given purpose and plans. If these three topics aren’t quite what you’re looking for we can work together to curate something for your particular audience. Her favorite topics to speak on are God given alignment, life planning, goal setting and routine building based and she would love to build something just for your event! To book please fill out form and SonjaW Coaching team member will get back to you shortly!

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Intentional Living Digital Resources

I know we’re all on the go but us busy high achievers still want to intentionally live, right? I’ve created a few digital resources to help kick start your intentional living journey that you can do in your own pace! Click the button below and check out resources that will help you begin the journey in less than an hour!