What would happen if you had the space to dream again?

Write It Down Right is a 3- week course dedicated to equipping you with the tools to create space and the goals you need to execute your dreams!

Every single year we write down aspirations with really great intentions only to find them six months later wondering what happened. In this program we’ll discuss the major problems people have with completing goals they set out to do, learn how to create goals that are fail proof, and learn how to build them into your life. As a bonus we’ll also take a deep dive into routine building and the advantages of creating a Life Plan.


Can't stay motivated to complete goals

Life seems too busy to even thing about finishing a goal

Can't imagine putting one more task on your plate

After Write It Down Right you'll...

Learn what you need to be excited about the goals you set

Be a goal accomplishment machine!

Be able to prioritize your goals

Be able to build routines to make goal accomplishment automatic

Learn the three (3) keys to building goals that actually get done

I entered 2021 knowing I needed to better align my thoughts in my head and put an action towards them. Each course helped me determine how to implement goal and routine setting to move forward. 

Deana Tisdale, Write It Down Right Cohort 1

Get The Step-By-Step Framework For Building Goals That Actually Get Done

Here’s What The Course Includes: 


This is where it all begins. In this module I introduce you to how the course works, what you can expect and how you can get the most out of every bit of what you’re about to learn.

We’ll cover:

  • How to get the most out of this course
  • How to engage in the exclusive FB Group
  • How to prep for the first lesson
Week 1: Your Why is everything!

We’ll take a look at how life planning can totally shift how you look at life and helps accelerate anything you desire to do in your life!

We’ll cover:

  • What it means to Live By Principle (the first P in the TripleP Framework) 
  • Quick overview of how Life Planning can bolster your goals
  • How your principle (or your WHY) governs every part of your goal setting journey
  • The importance of knowing your current location and your future destination
  • And how your goals and routines help you execute your WHY
Week 2: Write It Down Right!

earn how to write goals that get done!

We’ll cover:

  • Three main reasons why we struggle to accomplish goals
  • The three keys to writing goals that actually get done
  • The proper goal structure
  • A few tips and tricks on goal setting
  • Quick overview of building goal oriented routines 
Week 3: Routine Magic!

Understand the magic of creating routines that make goal accomplishment easy! We take a deep dive into routine building and get really clear about the importance of routine and how to create routines that simplify life!

We’ll cover:

  • How to create routines around your “write it down right” goals
  • How to create habits that make you think less about accomplishing the goal and more about living life with the accomplishment
  • Being RARE- howreview, activation, reward, and examination are keys in taking this new life of goal setting to the next level
  • Building your Dream Week and how it can make your goals a reality!


Let’s See What Former Graduates Have To Say About Write It Down Right!

“Sonja’s ‘Three Ps’ intensive was just what I needed to get clear on my goals for the new year. She has a detailed system, backed by research, that shows you how to create meaningful ‘SMARTER’ goals that fit within your daily routine. I look forward to incorporating this new system.”


PR Consultant

Before I came I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but while working through the TripleP formula I started to see why I needed to take the time to think about and write down my life plan. I consider myself successful mostly, but found that I still was holding too much in my head and leaving too much to my ‘in the moment decision making.’ Thanks, Sonja!”

Mrs Charm Lewis

Breakthrough Strategist

“Write It Down Right was a great course! Sonja genuinely cares about helping people steward their lives well and her course teaches you how to do just that, by using goal setting and routine building. The sessions guide you through practical steps that really set you up to be successful in executing goals. I would recommend everyone take this course!

Asia Mason

Wright It Down Right Cohort 1

About Sonja

life alignment Coach

You’re here because you’re tired of setting goals and not seeing results.

You know how I know? Because I was there myself. 

For years as a certified project management professional I’ve executed major projects and helped others get clear around their own goal and desires through blogging, speaking and mentorship, along with producing national surveys in work and serving heavily in my church.

But ya’ll I was all over the place. Giving so much of myself to organize and build everything except my own life! I would set goals and never see them completed. I was trying to lose the same 50-lbs for several years, and get out of debt while doing all-the-things. I was stressed ya’ll and also not happy- definitely not living the life I dreamed about. Then it hit me – it was because I didn’t have a clear why, my goals sucked, and my life had no routines! All the things you need for a great project.

So I took all that I did for the organizations I was a part of and applied it to my own life through building the TripleP Framework and now I’m helping other multi-passionate high achieving professionals begin to live the life they dream of by learning the keys to stewarding life well! 

And this is where this course comes in. I realized that there were 3 major missing components in good goal setting- we don’t know our why, we don’t write goals down right, and we didn’t have the means to build the goal into our lives. 

In Write It Down Right we use the TripleP Framework to fill in those 3 major components and help you establish a why that keeps you focused, a goal that is structured for success, and a system to build it into your life and get it done!

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

What is Write It Down Right?

Its a 3-week program where we learn how to discover our why, write goals that actually get done, and build routines that work magic in your goals!

When does it start?

The first session drops in the exclusive Facebook Group on Monday June 7th. Doors are open now! Jump in!

Can I join at any time?

Doors close June 7th but Cohort 4 will be coming! Be on the look out! But you don’t have to worry about that because you’re going to join before the 7th, right?

why should i join?


  • You’re tired of writing good intentions down and looking up at the end of the year in the same place.
  • You want to make major changes in the new year.
  • You want to create margin in your life. 
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    Ask away! Send my team a quick email at hello@sonjaw.com and we’ll get you an answer.