I entered 2021 knowing I needed to better align my thoughts in my head and put an action towards them. Each course helped me determine how to implement goal and routine setting to move forward. Sonya was super helpful in answering questions and giving practical advice as well.

Deana Tisdale

Your dreams are worth working for!

Intentional Group Coaching 

Sometimes things work best in groups! In our Intentional Group Coaching Network we’ll work together to build the ultimate intentional life where we make our dreams meet reality TOGETHER. In this group coaching program we’ll:

  • Come together to review monthly goal targets
  • Have exclusive YouTube lives 
  • Have access to new SonjaW productivity products FIRST
  • Get exclusive discounts for Intentional coaching packages
  • And more!

Group coaching is not open yet but be ready for it when it comes! Join the waitlist here

Meet Me on YouTube!

Each week we drop tips and tricks for acknowledging your dreams and intentionally building the life you desire! Join me @SonjaWCoaching on YouTube and let’s start living intentionally together!

Intentional Living Digital Resources

I know we’re all on the go but us busy high achievers still want to intentionally live, right? I’ve created a few digital resources to help kick start your intentional living journey that you can do in your own pace! Click the button below and check out resources that will help you begin the journey in less than an hour!

So, how do we intentionally live?

the Overview

The Intentional Living Stairwell is a framework thats helps us acknowledge what we truly value, establish principles that help us live out those values, learn to execute goals and daily habits that cause you to move toward your values, and finally build routines that help you win daily. For more detail on each step of the Framework, click below!


It’s time to acknowledge what you desire most! First steps to intentionally living is to acknowledge the dream(s) God put in your heart. High acheiving people do a lot and accomplish alot but sometimes its at the expense of the deep dreams of our hearts. We must acknowledge that that deep seated desire within us and no longer push those things aside. You can acknowledge your dreams today and acknowledge that your dream is worth it!

LIVE! (by principle)

How do you know what to do if you don’t know where you’re going? It’s so key to have a destination to work towards. Living by principle means living by value and the dreams you desire in the major areas of life. This is the place on the stairwell that allows you to build a clear understanding of what’s important to you, and why it’s important, and then build systems that will move you towards the destination you’ve decided to go towards.

Execute (by process)

This is the third step in the Intentional Living stairwell.  While Living by Principle gives you a clear picture of your why and builds your desired future for key areas in life, this step helps you break those future desires into bite-sized pieces. This step in the Intentional Living stairwell uses proven methods to build goals that get done. Ideally working in tandem with the “Live by Principle” Process, this step takes into account your desires and resolutions, helping you create a clear next step with those desires in mind.

Win (by practice)

This is the launching step of the Intentional Living Stairwell! This is where we win and this winning comes through practicing habits that help you move forward. This is a way to take goal setting to the next level by integrating practices in everyday life to make hitting goals a part of life. Winning by practice involves creating routines and systems to accomplish goals and creating space to create!