What is “Write It Down Right”?

Week 1: Your Why is everything!

What if I told you that there is more to it than just having great goals? You can have a great life governed by principles that dictate your goals every year. You can be sitting down at 80 years old saying  “Man what a ride!”. You can get to the pearly gates and hear the Lord say “Well done my good and faithful servant”. How you might ask? By building a full life plan! Your goals shouldn’t be just things you think would be good to do every year. They should be taking you on a journey to your ultimate desires! A life plan can get you there. This lesson will go over the key components of a life plan and what you need to get started on your own life plan journey!

Week 2: Write It Down Right!

The first step in creating goals that actually get done is writing them down right! In this class we discuss the most common problems in accomplishing goals, how to overcome those problems, and how to take your goals over the top. It’s all in how you write them down and creating systems (or routines) that make it easy to get done! We’ll leave this session reinforcing the importance of knowing your “why”, having the right strategy for writing goals, and the basics of creating routines that work magic!

Week 3: Routine Magic!

Did you know that routines work magic? In the second week’s session we take a deep dive into routine building and get really clear about the importance of routine and how to create routines that simplify life!

We’ll learn:

  • how to create routines around your “write it down right” goals
  • how to create habits that make you think less about accomplishing the goal and more about living life with the accomplishment
  • about building your Dream Week and how it can make your goals a reality!


“Sonja’s ‘Three Ps’ intensive was just what I needed to get clear on my goals for the new year.”

About Sonja

life alignment Coach

My name is Sonja and I’m a Life Alignment Coach! This means that I help people align their life with what they believe is important so they begin to steward their life well!

“Sonja’s ‘Three Ps’ intensive was just what I needed to get clear on my goals for the new year. She has a detailed system, backed by research, that shows you how to create meaningful ‘SMARTER’ goals that fit within your daily routine. I look forward to incorporating this new system.”


PR Consultant

“Today was absolutely amazing! Everything from the atmosphere you set to the cute workbook! Before I came I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but while working through the TripleP formula I started to see why I needed to take the time to think about and write down my life plan. I consider myself successful mostly, but found that I still was holding too much in my head and leaving too much to my ‘in the moment decision making.’ Doing the life plan took some weight off my shoulder, I now have a clear picture of my entire life and actionable steps for how I’m going to get there! I just worked through a capture process for the next 7 days and already have checked 3 things off the list!! Thanks, Sonja!”

Mrs Charm Lewis

Breakthrough Strategist

“Write It Down Right was a great course! Sonja genuinely cares about helping people steward their lives well and her course teaches you how to do just that, by using goal setting and routine building. The sessions guide you through practical steps that really set you up to be successful in executing goals. I would recommend everyone take this course!

Asia Mason

Wright It Down Right Cohort 1

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